Vesscomm Lite Global 2G/4G

Basic global remote monitoring for your boat.

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Introducing the Vesscomm Lite, or VC-LITE: our entry-level remote boat monitoring solution.

It’s a plug-and-play unit equipped with all sensors except the bilge switch sensor. Data collected by the unit is transferred to our cloud platform, accessible via mobile app or desktop.


Device Features

✅ Works with 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V, all battery types (including lithium) allowing for accurate battery health/charging status and voltage.

✅ 2G/4G LTE-CAT1 worldwide connectivity on all networks, the same as your mobile phone device.

✅ 15 minute updates for £4 ex VAT per month. Your first month is free! 

✅ GPS allows for constant tracking and location of your boat including geofencing.

✅ Minimal power consumption of 4mAh @ 12VDC with GPS.

✅ Made in the UK with a full UK Support, App and Development Team.

Operations Benefits

⦿ Full Web and iOS/Android dashboards and apps with hierarchy access levels and control.

⦿ Remotely monitor battery data from anywhere in the world across up to 3 battery banks.

⦿ Get the run time of Green and Yellow sensors for monitoring of bilge (with bilge switch sensor) and inputs, solar, load etc.

⦿ Add simple or complex geofences in the app or cloud to be notified of area moves.

⦿ Provide shared access to your engineers through the app and web dashboard.

⦿ Includes device temperature, signal strength and operator, switches automatically on low signal.

⦿ Add security elements through our trigger wire system or with impact detection.


Technical Specifications Device Functionality
Materials & IP Rating PC/ABS, A2 Stainless fittings, TPU rubber, IP64 Batteries 1x Main Battery &  2x Additional 0-72VDC
Size & Mounting 110mm x 95mm x 35mm, 4x M4 bolt  Temperature  1x Onboard
Connectivity 2G, 4G CAT1 LTE global bands Bilge Run Time YES for both Green & Yellow Wires
Operating Power  7 – 70 VDC  Trigger Wake YES –  White Wire
Onboard Storage Up to 3000 buffered sensor readings  Vibration/Tilt TILT – VIB Runtime Only
Power Draw @ 12VDC 15 minute = 4mAh  Impact 3G Rating to Trigger
Report Interval 15 Minutes Only Boot Mode YES – 90 second White Wire



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