Rental Boats

Charting a Course to Success

Owning a fleet of rental boats isn't just about having vessels; it's about running a dynamic, customer-focused business that thrives on safety, efficiency, and exceptional service.

At Vesscomm, we've customised our IoT solutions specifically for rental boat owners like you.

Key Features

Our comprehensive suite of features is designed to enhance every aspect of your boat rental business:

Alerts and Notifications

Receive alerts and notifications for any anomalies as soon as they occur. Ensuring that your fleet is in peak condition at all times.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

Keep tabs on the exact location of each rental boat, and set geofences to monitor boat boundaries and receive alerts if any vessel strays from its designated area.

Fleet Monitoring and Management

Stay connected to your entire boat fleet from anywhere using a centralised dashboard. Monitor the real-time location, condition, and performance of each rental boat.

Predictive Maintenance

Implement proactive maintenance measures, based on the aggregated data collected where trends and patterns can be analysed to identify maintenance needs or risks early.

Benefits for Your Rental Fleet

Increased Profitability

Maximise the revenue potential of your business by optimising fleet management and minimising downtime.

Cost Savings

Save on operational costs through energy-efficient practices, proactive maintenance measures, and efficient resource management.

Enhanced Safety

Ensure the safety of your customers and rental boats with features such as real-time monitoring, GPS tracking and impact detection .

Operational Excellence

Streamline your rental operations with centralised control, data-driven decision making, and real-time visibility.

Customer Satisfaction

Delight your customers with real-time information and control of on-board systems, leading to repeat business and positive reviews .

Competitive Advantage

Stay ahead of the competition by offering a superior rental experience. Vesscomm-equipped fleets are more attractive to customers seeking modern, safe, and efficient rental options.

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Experience the Future of Rental Boat Ownership with Vesscomm

Our IoT solutions are designed to empower rental boat business owners with unmatched efficiency, safety, and customer satisfaction. Set sail toward a thriving, technology-driven rental business.

Contact us today to explore how our IoT solutions can transform your boat rental experience and drive your business to new horizons.