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Generator Status

At Vesscomm, we understand that your generator is the lifeline of your vessel, providing essential power for onboard systems and amenities.

Our IoT-powered solutions offer continuous monitoring and data analysis, empowering you with the knowledge needed to ensure your generator runs reliably, efficiently, and trouble-free.

Why Generator Monitoring Matters


A malfunctioning generator can disrupt your voyage and leave you without power for vital systems such as lighting, navigation, refrigeration, and air conditioning.


Monitoring your generator's status helps you optimise fuel consumption, extend service intervals, and reduce operating costs.

Peace of Mind

Knowing your generator's health at all times gives you confidence in your boat's ability to handle any situation.

Our Solutions

Real-time Monitoring: Our sensors continuously track generator parameters such as fuel consumption, engine temperature, voltage output, and operational hours. Access this real-time data via a user-friendly mobile app or web platform.

Custom Alerts: Receive instant notifications via push notifications or email if any generator parameter falls outside safe thresholds or exhibits unusual behavior. These alerts enable you to take action before issues become critical.

Fuel Efficiency: Monitor fuel consumption patterns to identify opportunities for optimisation and cost reduction.

Historical Data: Access historical generator data to track performance trends over time, allowing you to plan maintenance and adjustments effectively.

Remote Diagnostics: Our solutions provide remote diagnostics to help you identify and address generator issues efficiently, even when you're not on board.

Why Choose Vesscomm?


We're experts in IoT solutions and passionate about keeping your boat adventures smooth and secure.

Made for You

Our solutions are made to fit your boat like a glove, no matter the type or size.

Marine-Grade Reliability

Our devices are built to withstand the challenges of the marine environment, providing reliable and durable performance.

Dedicated Support

Our customer support team is available to assist you with installation, troubleshooting, and any questions you may have.

Ready to find out more?

Contact us today to explore how our technology can enhance your boating experience.