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All devices are rated to IP64 or IPX4

Our devices use standard 4G LTE to connect anywhere in Europe with the EU product or Globally with the G Product variant.

They will also fall back to 2G if no 4G is available. If you want to know if the product will work for you, simply use your mobile phones 4G on your boat, if it works then our product will and in most cases if you don't have signal it will still work as we can access other operators.

Our devices offer the best connectivity options for their cost and give you access to multiple mobile networks in each country.

Only you can access your data unless you allow a remote access account such as repair shop, maintenance person to "view" your device that you have added. They cannot make any changes to your device and this setting has to be enabled by you.

You can also provide us access to your assets when you need support.

Our devices by standard use end to end encryption for all data transmission.

We store data points for 30 Days in our system, which you can access at any time. All data past 30 days is held in cold storage and can be requested in an offline file.(Processing Charges May Apply)

You have the right to request deletion of partial and all data at any time. Please email us using the email form on the support page.